“you look normal” until it’s pointed out

Recently I was having dinner at a Japanese hibachi style restaurant when the waitress came over, abruptly turned the powerful exhaust fan off, and then asked me something I did not understand. She asked again, and this time others at the table said, “she’s asking you if you are burned.” I couldn’t hear anything because I was too focused on her asking me something I was not comprehending–it must have been too many inputs. So, once we all agreed, and I was over my terror of having a senior-like-moment, she said her husband had recently been burned when an electrical cable fell on him while working on a power line. Then she was interrupted by these two women at the opposite end of the hibachi grill that expressed with surprise that I was burned. They both said, nearly at the same time, “you look normal.” Then came the I see you are burned now comment. I asked the waitress if she ever sees any burned people, and she said she couldn’t remember ever seeing any.

Altered Perception of a Burn Survivor

It was painful, but pain subsides quickly with time; however, the aggravation factor is very persistent. Also, I like to think it did not make me a better person. No doubt it altered my perception, but just growing up with common life experiences will benefit one in the same manner warping and honing our realities.

Burn Survivor

Burn Victim

Burned Person


Burn Scars Person

Messed Up Person

Regular Person

Normal Person