Burn Victim Questions and Answers

Some questions I’ve been asked recently:

Does all that hurt?

The quick answer is “no,” but it is an incomplete answer. I’m guilty of that response more often than I’d like to acknowledge.

Are you burned in your dreams?

Usually not, but I’ve have several dreams where I was cognizant that I was burned. Very odd to have any scars on my body within dreams. I very well could be burned in my dreams and it’s just not a very significant aspect of the dream realm. Though, the few dreams I’ve had where I am burned have surprised me. It like, “Wow, I’m burned. Didn’t know that.” Of the nearly 13,000 days that I’ve lived with burn scars, I’ve only had a handful of dreams that find me actually burned. I’m not sure of the implications; I’ve not studied dreams.

Why do you have hair growing in unusual places?

During the placement of full and split-thickness skin grafts many of my hair follicles came along for the relocation.

Why is your bottom lip different from mine?

My bottom lip is a combination of full-thickness skin graft and the inside of my mouth pulled out to make a lip. It is very stiff most of the time and quite in-tune with the weather conditions: dry and cracked during low humidity, and softer and pliable when humid. Depending on the rigidness of the lip my annunciation of words can be quite off at times. Very embarrassing. I’m still attempting to train myself not to apologize and just keep on talking.

I’ll work on expanding the list and my responses.

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