Irritating 35 year old post burn scars

Age is catching up with me. After 35 years of burn injury pain-free life, my left arm with scars that go completely around my forearm is aching most of the time. It’s as if the scar band is cutting into the muscle, restricting blood flow, and throbbing pain. It’s my favorite left arm so I’m not too happy about this situation. Historically, the skin on my forearm does not glide over the muscle and is very tight; pinching the skin is like pinching the muscle directly. Compounding the situation is my lack of health insurance, which leaves me to my own care consisting of exercise, eating well, and adequate sleep, and generally try to stay mentally healthy, but organic approach really is no replacement for good medical care. I should note than I am foretunate my father is a doctor affording me liberal access to medical advice, but there are limitations (more limitations than the average person would expect).

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