Third Degree Burn and Finger Nails, etc.

The last few weeks have been tough on my body. It’s winter, so of course the weather is dry, which is havoc on my skin. In addition to dry skin, it was that time for my pinky finger nail to decide to separate hanging on by its roots, which is very painful when it catches on something. This happens every couple of years. There is a newer nail growing under the existing nail, and it gets to a point that the old nail begins to detach, but not at the root and nail plate. I always say I’m going to let it grow out but it catches on something, and then I’m ready regardless of the pain, to pull it out, which I do and then everything is so much better. Intense pain for short duration versus sudden pains for a prolonged time–I choose the former.

The nail lifted off nail bed. New nail underneath pushing old nail off.
Small puncture on third degree burn site; small pool of blood.
Small puncture on third degree burn site.

After the nail thing, my right thigh must have been poked by something that broke the skin, or perhaps bitten by a bug. There was a small round bump (didn’t seem like a scab), and I scraped it off, and then to my total surprise I saw and felt a pool blood. I cleaned the blood away, and it didn’t bleed any additional blood.  Something this happens with my calves, and I’m not thinking about it until I feel blood on my ankle.


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