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Christopher Fitts with mother Sandra Parrish on Beacon Street, Boston, 1970.
Christopher Fitts with mother Sandra Parrish on Beacon Street, Boston, 1970.

It was a crisp chilly Thanksgiving morning in north Florida on Lake Geneva in a blazing cabin fire that took his identity. The ten year boy reading Green Lantern comics the night before was gone. Christopher Austin Parrish Fitts…

His life had been pretty amazing, and perhaps it was appropriate that it ended eloquently in a cabin, his life exploding into fire from the ignition of gasoline vapor from a one gallon fuel can, which a moment before appeared picture perfect in his hands, very much like one of those old glossy magazine ads for Coleman camping gear, and the next moment a crumbled piping hot charred wreck of metal that a bored hitchhiker wouldn’t bother to kick if found on the roadside.

That, perhaps, may be the total extent to which I mention being burned. I’m still working on the format. [update–that book is dead! I’m on my fourth unfinished unpublished rendition of a memoir.]

The timing of this site’s debut marks the 30th anniversary of being burned by a gasoline can explosion in a cabin on Lake Geneva, Florida on a very cold Thanksgiving morning in 1976. I was burned over fifty percent of my body, including my face, and was treated at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, and then at the Shriners in Boston. I was ten years old at the time of the accident.

During the last thirty years, I’ve lived a rather exciting and mundane life, and that is what this site is about–it’s About Being Normal.

Christopher Fitts with Webelos Scouts Cap (and hand splint)
Christopher Fitts with Webelos Scouts Cap (and hand splint)

Here are pictures [1970s1980s1990s2000s] in chronological order depicting my appearance over the years. However, here are photographs I have taken of things I’ve found interesting over the years.

Here’s a short list of some facts about me:

  • I love tennis; surfing, and working outdoors; Did I mention tennis?
  • My father was working in the ER I was taken after I was burned;
  • I earned both a master’s degree and a juris doctorate degree;
  • I created the first USO Internet web site (uso.org);
  • My mother died from a brain tumor (brain cancer) two years before I was burned;
  • After being burned the first hurdle I conquered was taking fresh baked chocolate cookies out of the oven;
  • I really could live my entire life wearing nothing but shorts;
  • I would like to think I’m creative, but this site clearly reflects otherwise;
  • I’m 1/32nd Creek Indian (Florida);
  • I once had an engaging conversation with Barbara Bach;
  • I’m an avid writer, but I have nothing to say…

Shriners Burns HospitalBoston Unit
Shands at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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Christopher Fitts