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05-02-08 `Miracle' Marine dies; badly burned in 2005 Iraq blast [Merlin's Miracles -- Sergeant Merlin German's Charity organization]


Articles Relating to Visual Aspects of Burns


04-04-08 "After 9/11, A Secret Memo -- Administration Asserted a Terro Exception on Search and Seizure" Washington Post -- Apparently, our Great Republic condones BURING PEOPLE: "One section discussed to what extent the president might be allowed to legally maim a prisoner, such as through the use of a "scalding, corrosive, or caustic substance." A footnote argued that Fifth Amendment guarantees of due-process rights "do not address actions the Executive takes in conducting a military campaign against the Nation's enemies."
3-4-07 "AFTER A FIRE PAINFUL RECOVERY--Lingering scars of a fateful night--Survivors of a Lake Grove blast are healing from severe burns, but emotional wounds prove harder to mend"
3-14-07 "Reality Check: Vitamin E helps remove scars" -- "...vitamin E not only had no beneficial effect on the appearance of the scars, it made matters worse...vitamin E does not remove scars..."
1-24-07 "Monster Love" Dutch shock at proposed dating show for 'visibly disfigured'
12-18-06 Partial face transplants worth the risk to some.

Articles Not About Burns per se

3-21-07 Ugly defendants 'more likely to be found guilty than attractive ones' -- "...beauty being associated with kindness, intelligence and sporting ability....people who are physically attractive are assumed to be clever, successful and have more friends...the phenomenon, known as the 'halo effect', is thought to extend far beyond the courtroom, with looks affecting an individual's exam marks, job prospects and even ability to make friends."
3-21-07 "A bigger bust - a curse or a blessing?" "...yet I never felt truly comfortable in my own skin. Walking down the street or being at parties with friends, I'd will myself not to be noticed, usually to little avail..." -- not about burns, but dealing with being self-conscious of very large breast
3-6-07 "Beauty and the beast: Medical morphings" -- "...patients recovering from skin grafts after plastic surgery or in burn victims...treatments give almost immediate relief and make the patient comfortable in their new skin...definite treatments available for all types of scars: stretch marks, post acne, surgical, Keloid scars..."
5-7-07 Embryonic stem cells can repair eyes, company says --"..."We also have studies underway indicating that the cells can also considerably accelerate wound healing, repair lung damage, and can even generate unlimited amounts of red blood cells for transfusion," Lanza said. ..."
January 2007 Illinois Burn Injury Reporting Act, 425 ILCS 7


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