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Click here for research into burn survivor psychosocial integration articles and resources. In other words, how well burn survivors participate as contributing and healthy components of mankind. I personally feel totally lacking with my contribution, but then that probably is a rather normal feeling. Time for any Woody Allen movie.


The following cover a broad array of burn issues. Click Here For Recent News Articles.

Yahoo! Directory Listing: Burns

Burn Survivors Support Zone: For Victim, Family, and Friends

Burn Support Online (very active burn survivor forum site, and volumes of easy to understand burn articles) [web site expired; was www.burnsupportonline.com]

Salamanders Young Burn Survivors (excellent site)[not to be confused with Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451’s Salamanders, which were the fire trucks that carried kerosene in place of water to burn any and all books].

McGill University: Burn Engine Burn Engine is a website dedicated to advancing the practice of burn survivor rehabilitation.

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc.

Burn Talk — dedicated to burn care, burn prevention and community education.

Burn Topics: A Guide to Burn Survival 

Welcome to Burnsurgery.org Web Site: Educating the Burn Care Professionals

The January Foundation, aka BurnSurvivor.org We are about support, education, prevention, and motivation…the non-medical, and more emotional side of burn care.

Surviving Burns Support Services: burn survivor support group mentoring burn survivors [web site expired]

Burn Survivors Online

Burn Survivors Throughout the World

The Hurting Angels – Survivors Supporting Survivors (the author was burned at a young age)

The following website is a good resource for locating burn camps, support groups, etc.

Burns Support Groups Database

Burn Survivor Web Sites — People Doing Real Things

Alexis — burned in 2007 she’s now writing a book for burn survivors [2009]

Dave Borowski, Flicker of Hope Foundation [no updates since 2005]

Dawn Colclasure — Writer and Poet, and she writes a blog

John O’Leary [web site expired] — Owns a real estate company, and on the side, a motivational speaker. Video Clip.

Sumner Redstoneseverely burned in a 1979 Boston hotel fire; today he is majority owner of Viacom and CBS. It should be noted that Redstone was well established before being burned, but kicked his ambitions into high gear after the burns.

Brent Runyon — Cape Code newspaper reporter, and author of two fiction novels, and the non-fiction “The Burn Journals.” Attempted suicide at age 14 by pouring gasoline over his body while standing in the bathtub, and then strikes a match igniting himself.

Blake Tedder — burn survivor, musician, yoga teacher, and radio DJ, Full Lotus Kirtan Show.

Richard Webster, Attorney, Burn Survivors USA (practices law in Iowa, and visibly shows burn scars) Before the burns Richard was a radio DJ. Burn injury and general practice attorney. [My law practice focuses on general law and burn injuries as well.]


Books, Blogs, and other media:

Burns to Butterflies by Susanne Gervay — This is a work of fiction about a young burn survivor.

“Butterflies: Youth Literature as a Powerful Tool in Understanding Disability,” by Susanne Gervay, Disability Studies Quarterly, Winter 2004, Volume 24, No. 1, 2004 [Copyright 2004 by the Society for Disability Studies]. [web site expired]

Nikki Mze – Trial by Fire (a blog/journal kept by her father since her accident in 2004) [web site expired]

Celebrity Burn Survivors (burn survivor before becoming famous):

Parminder Nagra (actor: ER, Bend It Like Beckham) — seven years of age; visiable burns on thigh as a result of pants catching fire while cooking.

Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark; actor)–at age three a pot of boiling water full of Easter eggs fell over severely burning 35% of her body. She lost most o fher hair and her eyelids were fussed. “The costume’s designed so that it’s strategically placed. All the good parts show…A lot of things happen for a reason, and I have this strange feeling that without being burned, I don’t think I would have been Elvira.” (source: Elvira.com: Cassandra Peterson reflects on he career as campy Mistress of the Dark)

Amanda Redman (actor) — 18 months of age; burns visiable on upper arm from a scalding accident.

Craig Spector (co-creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street) — at 10 months of age pulled a pan of frying fried-chicken on his head causing second and third degree burns to an entire side of his face (from an interview with Paul V. Warelin).

— Burned as an Adult —

Robert David Hall (actor, musician, radio DJ) — burned at age 31 when a semi-truck crashed into his car causing his fuel tank to explode. From photos it does appear his head may have been burned; his legs were amputated. Hall plays the coroner on the television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas).

Michael Jackson (recording artist; King of Pop) – head burned in 1984 from faulty pyrotechnics explosion while filming a Pepsi commercial. Jackson donated the settlement money to the Brotman Medical Center burn ward. The burn ward was renamed the Michael Jackson Burn Center. Unforetunetly, the burn unit was forced to close in 1987 due to lack of funds.

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Robert Timberg (author, journalist, medically retired USMC) — Currently, he is the dupty chief of the Baltimore Sun’s Washington bureau, and he is the author of The Nightingale’s Song and John McCain, An American Odyssey. Timberg was on a mission in South Vietnam when he was burned in an explosion: this from an interview in the Economist April 2008 edition, “…(It is a striking face, covered with scars from a fuel-tank explosion that nearly killed him in Vietnam.)…” I discovered Robert Timberg to be a burn survivor during Fox News’ special on John McCain, but what really caught my eye was that he looked liked a burn victem but the several times he was shown it was quickly edited to another scene. I had to record the program and then freeze frame to get a good look. Very sad; says a lot about how the media thinks people are repulsed by such images. Charles Rose, however, interviewed Timberg on the Charlie Rose Show (the Timberg video section begins after the John McCain-Vietnam-Clinton section, it begins at 41:10, but the entire show is interesting and I suggest watching from the beginning; they discuss the Vietnam War (administration, draft, ending the war) to the events and characters of the Iran-Contra scam, to Ronald Reagan abandoning his men on the battlefield).

Famous Fictional Burn Survivors [are there any that have not been villians?

Stars WarsAnakin Skywalker, having recently become Darth Vader, will soon don his trademark mask after being consumed by flames from searing heat from “liquid hot magma” (all right, a lava river, but it’s more fun to say it like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers) after being defeatd in a lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi on the small planet of Mustafar. Vader suffers near fatal burn injuries and lung damage, and must wear his black life support suit until his death.

1925 Phantom of the OperaPhantom of the Opera1925, 1943 and 2004: A violinist, or musical genius depending on the adaption, with a disfigured face uses a mask to hid the scars from an acid burn, and terrorizes the Paris Opera House. From Wikipedia, “The famous unmasking scene which was said to have made theater patrons scream and faint in 1925.” The 1925 silent movie can be downloaded in its entirety, no copyright, at Google: Phantom of the Opera Download or Internet Archive (will open in a new window).

V for VendettaV, a terrorist, is the main character who had been the subject of government experiments conducted on prisoners of war. His burns are a mystery though it is assumed they resulted from his escape from the prison during an explosion and resulting fire. He wears a papier mache mask and Batman-like cape, which keeps his face and body covered at all times (taylored after Guy Fawkes).

The Joker (Batman’s primary nemisis)(acid burns, which damaged his facial muscles causing his insidious persistent smile)

Deadpool (2016 movie) Marvel character with disfigured face with burn like scars; personality overcomes disfigurement, and his girlfriend still loves him after the accident–in fact, she accepts him without question after being confronted with the disfigurement.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984: Freddy Krueger–burned alive in a boiler room after being released from prison. Krueger’s ghost is extremely disfigured with burn scars and spends eternity haunting peoples dreams (nightmares) terrorizing and killing.

In The Movies [one time characters that no one remembers other than they were burned and scarred, and painful to look at

The English Patient, 1996 (Ralph Fiennes)–a badly-burned plane crash victim recounts his life to his nurse via flashbacks. He never recovers from his injuries.

The Man Without a Face, 1993 (Mel Gibson)–a badly-disfigured recluse ex-school teacher coaches a a bright but troubled student.