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Cover of Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet, which pictures Maxfield Parrish and grand daughter Sandy Parrish.Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet (complete book in PDF format), a collection of poems and very short stories. This material was written during my late teens through my twenties. Also, this book was added to the Library of Congress book collection. The cover of Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet is of my mother, Sandy Parrish, and her grandfather Maxifeld Parrish. The feet in the background are of my uncle Joe Parrish. The dark limbs of the tree are attempting to push Joe into the camera lens field.

Acid Fingers (complete book in PDF format), a collection of poetry, written during my twenties and early thirties. Attending law school is a great way to kill the creative spirit, though I did manage to write some material.


Here is one of my audio poems (it's not a spoken word poem)-- Landing Spell (How Can You Tell)
Julie Axisblack pen drawing fitts

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