Burn Scars and Sun Exposure

First, use sunscreen lotion, or better, sunblock sunscreens. My favorite has been Hawaiian Tropic. I’ve used Hawaiian Tropic SPF4 Dark Tanning Lotion or Oil since I was a young teenager. I use it often, not just when I’m at the beach. However, when I am out diving, surfing, or other all day outdoor activities I will use a sunblock SPF formula. Protect your skin, and don’t forget your lips. For my lips I’ve religiously used the Hawaiian Tropic Lip Care 45 plus Aloe Vera Sunblock Lip Balm since it arrived to the market. Before that I used Blistex, which is very good in its own right, but the Hawaiian Tropic lip balm is without a doubt the best.

I ran track in high school. That’s pretty physical. I also love body surfing.

Sun Runners of Vero Beach, 1981
10K run in 1981 at Vero Beach, Florida. From the Vero Beach Press Journal (aka Mullet Wrapper).

I wear clothes because we have laws that require me to wear clothes. Well, that’s not exactly true. My preferred form of dress is a nice pair of O’Neil or OP shorts, and a shirt, but the shirt is entirely optional. Shoes only when and if the circumstances dictate shoes, and then in this order: sandals preferred, running shoes, deck shoes, laced or slip-on loafers, boots (but if I’m in the swamp, or clearing a clogged storm drainage ditch, I have no issue wearing my boots).

I spend a lot of time thinking and selecting what to wear. I like most all of my wardrobe, but not everything fits me the way I like every day. And, of course, the way I feel about myself varies day to day depending on many attributes (weather, angle of the sunshine, the events of the day, people, etc.), and so determining what to wear can be a daunting task.

And then there is my head of hair. It’s thinning and not as black anymore, but is striped with white above my ears, and when I let it grow out there is a façade of dark hair covering an immense area of white underneath. Fortunately, if I keep my hair trimmed short the white hair mercifully retreats out of sight. This allows me to look my real age, which is about ten years younger than the age stated on my driver’s license.

more vanity to come . . .

Avoid the scary stuff that you cannot doing anything about anyway, such as Marjolin’s ulcers that can form on burn scars, and amazingly may not appear for decades. “Basal cell carcinoma may develop in the most superficial of burn scars.” (from article linked below.)